Orthopedic Dog Bed – Choosing the Best Bed

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Why Choose an Orthopedic Dog Bed?

When you see the words “Orthopedic Dog Bed“, it may bring to mind thoughts of older dogs, or dogs which are physically infirm in some way?
The truth is, orthopedic beds are a great choice for a large breed dog of any age or condition.
Orthopedic beds offer excellent support for larger dogs, utilizing thick, high-density foam and memory foam combination to keep them up off the floor.

Even if your dog isn’t showing signs of bad joints or hip dysplasia, remember that these are common ailments in large dogs and Retrievers in particular. By separating your dog from the floor, you’re keeping them away from the coldness that might affect their joints.
While it’s true that an over-heated dog might enjoy lying on a cool, bare floor, I know from personal experience that my dogs will always move to their beds when they decide to turn in for the night. Simply being able to stretch out on a padded surface and being off the hard floor is also a relief for aching joints.

Being such a large dog, Great Danes will flatten a standard dog bed in fairly short order, leaving them right back on the floor again. The thick foam of an orthopedic bed should last longer and this is the reason why we use our dual layer technology. High-density foam is used for sturdiness and secondary support where memory foam delivers comfort and distribution of the dog’s weight.

And on the subject of lasting longer, orthopedic dog beds are ideal for when your dog reaches old age and really needs the extra support. If your senior pooch has always slept on a couch or in a people bed, an orthopedic bed will provide the same level of comfort without the need to jump up.

Buy the Correct Size Orthopedic Dog Bed – Make Sure it Measures Up

First and foremost, this is one of those occasions where size DOES matter.

If the bed is built for a smaller or even medium size dog, your Dane is not going to fit comfortably on it. Yes, dogs like to curl uptight sometimes, but there should be sufficient space to stretch right out if that’s what feels comfortable at the time.

We can cater for any size dog, just measure your dog’s:

  • Weight,
  • Length from nose to bum,
  • Height from front paw to top of head while standing

These measurements determines the optimal size for a bed. (Bearing in mind where the bed is going to fit in your home.)

Orthopedic Dog Bed Width and Length Measurements

Buy the Correct Thickness Orthopedic Dog Bed – Thickness is a Key Consideration

Our Orthopedic dog beds start at 10 cm thick, this is ideal for small to medium size dogs below 40 Kg. The small and medium beds would be inadequate for a large dog. See, if the memory foam is too thin, the weight of the dog will compress the foam down to the second layer and sometimes the floor which is not ideal.

Look for a 10-15 cm thick bed for dogs over 40 Kg, our large bed caters for the larger breeds with ease as it contains higher density foam as a base layer than conventional beds on the market and is ideal for a dog the size and weight of a Great Dane when in a rest or sleep position.

Orthopedic dog bed layers and thickness

Waterproof and Washable or not?

Axel’s Orthopedic dog beds come standard with a waterproof inner cover that will give the inner foam longevity. The outer cover is removable and can easily be washed on a cold cycle. We also replacement covers if they get warn or if your puppy or dog is destructive.

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